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Major attractions are the two main archaeological sites of Messinia. The ancient Messina, 15km north of the hotel, next to the village Ithomi, with archaeological excavations have brought to the surface preserved archaeological treasures from the great ancient city and the archaeological site of the Palace of Nestor, in the town of Chora in which there is an archaeological museum. Great attractions are the castles that exist in almost every major city of Messinia as the castle of Kalamata, the castles of Methoni, Koroni, Pylos and Kyparissias. Separate day trip you should spend to accelerated, the Mani by her famous towers and their particular architecture, world famous caves of Diro Oitilo and Aeropoli and walk until Tainaro cape which is the southernmost tip of continental Europe. Intermediates will make a stop to admire the 80! Towers in deep, many of them have been renovated by EOT and operate as hostels.

Within 2km we meet the lovely beach of Messina, the Buka with modern shops which offer food and drink as well as sandy beaches with umbrellas and sun beds free of charge. In just 2 km east of the hotel is the airport. In the same direction, 10km is the city of Kalamata, the modern nightlife. At 15km we meet the town Verga overlooking the Messinian bay, beach Almyrou, the wonderful beaches of Abia, Santova, and Madina, and just before the Avia find the intersection with the road that leads to the wonderful village of Messinian Mani Kardamili (35km) and Stoupa (40km). On the south and west will meet the wonderful sandy beaches of Ascension, Velika, the limpet of Chrani, San Andreas, Koroni. Further west, 10km encounter Foinikounta with beautiful beaches and even further west Methoni and Pylos with Venetian castles. North - west, the road will guide us in wetland Yalova stunning beauty beach Voidokoilia, Filiatra - Gargalianous and will lead us to Kyparissia.
A special attraction, 18km from the hotel and the street Messina - Pylos is Polylimnio where a cataract forms in the path of seven consecutive lakes. In visited by thousands of visitors every year who do not miss an opportunity to swim in the cool clear waters of the lakes.